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Professional and Articulate Speaker

Mary is available to provide interviews to the media and others upon request. At all times she will honour the subject area of contact with non-human intelligence. Mary is articulate, to-the-point, and makes interesting listening and watching. Fees do not apply for short telephone and face-to-face interviews. Should interviews require travel or more than one hour then fees apply.

Event Presenter

Approachable and Knowledgeable Presenter

Mary Rodwell frequently delivers talks, interviews, and runs support groups at events around the world. Please contact Mary as soon as possible should you like her to speak at a scheduled event as she is normally booked up well in advance. 

Counselling and Support

Non-Judgemental and Honouring

Professional support and counselling is provided to individuals who beleive they may be having contact with non-human intelligences and/or who are having paranormal encounters. Many experiencers think they they are going crazy until they seek and receive support. Counselling provided is honouring and non-judgemental. Support for family members is also provided. Initial telephone consultations are provided free of charge. Follow-up face-to-face and Skype sessions are charged at normal rates as per a sliding scale of one's income and affordability. 

Hypnosis and Regression

Safe and Respectful

Professional hypnosis and regression services are always provided in safe and secure environments. The purpose of a hypnotic regression is to assist an experiencer to consciously remember events that are or may be impacting upon their lives. Sessions are taped and promptly given to each experiencer and/or other individual in receipt of service. Feedback from past experiencers who have undergone hypnosis is that it assisted them to understand what was happening to them and why, and helped them come to terms with their contact experiences. Often only one session is required. Cost is on a sliding scale according to one's income and affordability. 


Group Workshops

Support Workshops for Experiencers

Group workshops can be tailor designed to meet then needs of participants attending conferences and events. Support workshops for those with contact experiences is normally offered when Mary presents at events. Costs are kept to a minimum as this is a highly sought-after and necessary support service during and following UFO and similar events. Contact Mary to discuss workshop options and cost schedules.

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