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Mary Rodwell Talks Star Seeds, Crystals, Twin Flames, Indigos and Evidence

Online - 24 April 2017

Mary's research shows that while star children (Indigos) have telepathic abilities, are spiritually awakened, and see 'beings of light' (angels or light beings); the main difference is that star children recollect encounters with extraterrestrial beings and of being taken aboard extraterrestrial spaceships. Mary's research explores the evidence from a scientific, medical, psychological, and historical perspective to support what she believes is an engineering program to upgrade homo sapiens and human consciousness.

Mary Rodwell Talks About The Divine Truth with Taj and Sarah Adams

Online - 3 April 2017 - Revolution Radio

Taj & Sarah talk with Mary Rodwell about her new book "The New Human". Mary talks about past lives; multidimensional natures of reality; holographic universe; nature of consciousness; space time reality; orbs; contact experiences; astral experiences; and how the astral is more real than 3D for star children. Further conversations include abduction types; such as how to distinguish between real alien encounters and military abductions (MILAB's); and how DNA is important in the multidimensional nature of DNA. 

Mary Rodwell and the New Earth

Online - 31 March 2017

Maxine Taylor interviews Mary Rodwell, internationally known author and researcher into the UFO and contact phenomena, on her book, The New Human.

Tha Talks - Mary Talks About New Humans and Contact Phenomenon

In this edition Mary Rodwell talks about her new book ‘The New Human’ which describes and documents star children is due to be released in late 2016. Read more here

The New Human - Interview with Maxine Taylor Part 2

Online - 9 February 2017

Maxine Taylor continues her interview with Mary Rodwell, co-founder of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters. Mary goes into more detail on her new book, THE NEW HUMAN:AWAKENING TO OUR COSMIC HERITAGE.

The New Human - Interview with Maxine Taylor Part 1

Online - 26 January 2017

Maxine Taylor interviews UFO and contactee researcher, Mary Rodwell, on her new book, The New Human: Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage.

Are You a Human or a Visitor from Elsewhere?

Online - October 2016

Are we all humans on earth or visitors wearing human suits? How would your perception of life change if faced with a new understanding of your origin in which you have travelled far to be part of this earthly reality?

Writer, director, and producer Caroline Cory has gathered leading-edge scientific research, collected hundreds of testimonials and compiled it all into this entertaining and educational documentary film.

Pioneering Research on the New Human, Star Children and our ET Connections

Australia - Gold Coast - 2016

Mary Rodwell presents her pioneering research on the new human, star children and the ET connection at the Paradigm Shift Summit, Gold Coast 2016. Mary's research is a cutting-edge journey into the phenomenon of star children and past-life regression therapy exploring the reality of extraterrestrial memories. 

Australia - NSW Byron Bay - January 2017

Prime7 News North Coast

Australia - NSW Byron Bay - January 2017

By Samantha Turnbull | 17th Jan 2017 | ABC North Coast


Having what you believe is an alien encounter is not necessarily a bad experience, with such an event prompting people to change their lives for the better, a conference has heard. Almost 3,000 people who report having had an alien encounter have been surveyed about their experiences, with the initial findings presented at the Close Encounters Conference at Byron Bay on Sunday and Monday. Click here to read more

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