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When and why did you start working in this area?

1995 was the start of my involvement in the Extraterrestrial Phenomenon. An individual came to see me because he heard I was open minded and he told me there were no support groups for people having contact experiences and many people simply thought they were going crazy. Fortunately I had read some books on the phenomenon and realised it was very real. The books I had read at the time included ‘Abduction Human Encounters with Aliens’ by former Professor of Psychiatry Dr John Mack; ‘Communion’ by Whitley Strieber; and a book on extraterrestrial encounters written by an experiencer. 


What is your professional background?

I am a professional counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist. I am also a former nurse and midwife.


Why do you believe contact is happening?

While a complex area, my research suggests contact has been happening for millennia and we are, in fact, a created ‘species’. Evidence for this is found in the anomalies in human DNA. I write about this in my book ‘The New Human, Awakening to our Cosmic Heritage’. I believe this suggests an intimate connection to these non-human intelligences: we are their creation and it seems that the genetic manipulation is continuing to assist us to evolve into a more aware species.


How do I know if I am having experiences?

There is a questionnaire you can complete to see how much of the information fits or resonates with you.


How can I help a friend or family member who is having contact experiences?

Have them first complete the questionnaire, or assist the person if it is your young child, and then send it to me via email or phone. My email address is listed at the bottom of the questionnaire. You will find the questionnaire under the 'about' section on this website. 


Do many people have contact with extraterrestrials?

If yes, are they are aware of and speak about the experiences?

Yes, contact experience is far more common than people realise. Various survey research findings suggest between five and 18 per cent of the population may be having contact, although each person’s experience varies. Of interest, country-of-residence and language spoken makes no to very little difference to an individual's experiences. This means experiencers' stories are extremely similar regardless of where the person lives or language in which he or she speaks. 


How do I book an appointment with you?

You can book an appointment by email or telephone. You can also access me through Facebook.


Can you connect me with people similar to you in my own country?

Yes, I can refer you if I have contacts in the country.  


How long ahead do we need to book you in to deliver a seminar/workshops/lectures?

I will need several months to organise trips so please contact me as early as possible, particularly for international presentations.  


Do you travel to all countries?

Yes, I am prepared to do travel if my schedule allows it.

What do you charge for lectures, workshops, and seminars?

It depends on the location, length of time you require me to be present, and travel time. At all times I try to make the cost as respectful and fair as possible, but it also depends my schedule and purpose of your event. 


Where can I get more information?

I have many interviews and Youtube presentations. Please google 'Mary Rodwell' and presentations will be listed. You may like to complete an in-depth survey which is totally anonymous for The Dr Edgar Mitchell Foundation For Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) which is gathering data on this phenomenon. Other information is available in my book Awakening which was written as a resource for those ‘awakening’ to their contact and seeking answers and validation. 

If you have a question that is not listed above, please write it in the 'contact' section on this website so it can added to this list. 

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